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Disaster management plan is a dire need in our world today as disasters are occurring frequently thus people have to be prepared to deal with it accordingly. These steps are vital according to disaster management plans of various hospitals.
Step 1. Command and control
A well-functioning command-and-control system is essential for effective hospital emergency management operations
a. Activate the hospital incident command group (ICG) or establish an ad hoc ICG, i.e. a supervisory body responsible for directing hospital-based emergency management operations
b. Designate a hospital command centre, i.e. a specific location prepared to convene and coordinate hospital-wide emergency response activities and equipped with effective means of communication.
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Safety and security
Well-developed safety and security procedures are essential for the maintenance of hospital functions and for incident response operations during a disaster
a. Appoint a hospital security team responsible for all hospital safety and security activities.
b. Prioritize security needs in collaboration with the hospital ICG. Identify areas where increased vulnerability is anticipated (e.g. entry/exits, food/water access points, pharmaceutical stockpiles).
c. Ensure the early control of facility access point(s), triage site(s) and other areas of patient flow, traffic and parking. Limit visitor access as appropriate
d. Establish a reliable mode of identifying authorized hospital personnel, patients and visitors.
e. Provide a mechanism for escorting emergency medical personnel and their families to patient care areas.
f. Ensure that security measures required for safe and efficient hospital evacuation are clearly defined.
g. Ensure that the rules for engagement in crowd control are clearly defined.
h. Identify information insecurity risks. Implement procedures to ensure the secure collection, storage and reporting of confidential information.
i. Define the threshold and procedures for integrating local law enforcement and military in-hospital security

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