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Lianne Maxine A. Tabanggay 2014-12304 Nwynn Vrenely Faith P. Bulusan 2014-16690 November 7, 2014 ENG 1 E-6R Topic: Disaster Management Title: Disaster Risk Management: More Fun in the Philippines? Thesis statement: Calamities such as storms, typhoons, and earthquakes reveal how incapable the country's disaster management is in coping with the impact of disasters due to the inefficiency of planning, lack of facilities and equipment, the flawed predictions of upcoming disasters, the slow rate of reparation of the damages, and the ineffectiveness of the implemented disaster risk management laws. I. According to the Department of National Defense (2009), disaster risk reduction and management is defined as the systematic process of using administrative…show more content…
Over the past several years, the country has gained a lot of attention and momentum in the area of disaster risk reduction. 1. Despite of the numerous projects that have been undertaken by different Philippine stakeholders and agencies in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM), disasters and people’s risk to disasters still remain. 2. People’s vulnerability hasn’t been fully realized and treated, because the DRR has put effort more around disaster preparedness and response, not in identifying hazard-prone areas. B. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan (NDRRMP) consists of the activities that aim to empower the capacity of the national government to constitute the measures of disaster risk reduction in communities. 1. One of the plan’s aims is to systematize the methods of disaster preparedness and response capabilities. 2. Among these outlined platforms is the improvement of the ability of the different governmental institutions to predict upcoming…show more content…
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the Philippines is still undergoing development. A. Experts have said that the Philippines is one of the most ill-prepared and ill-equipped countries to deal with disasters (Conde, 2009). 1. Disaster preparedness does not only establish arrangements beforehand to make suitable responses to such events and situations, but it also plans for strategies to counteract uncontrollable threats to life and property. 2. The nation, people and government included, needs to be equipped with the essential means in order to help them prepare for disasters, as simply being aware is not enough. B. Despite the multiple criticisms thrown at the national government, it still aims for the amplitude of disaster risk management. 1. According to Golez, the vice chairman of the NDCC, the government was committed to improving Metro Manila’s infrastructure and to making the city more orderly and prepared for disasters (Conde, 2009). 2. According to Revkin (2011), the bright side of this situation is that as developing countries like the Philippines get affected by these disasters, there are decent prospects for reducing loses when inevitable hazards

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