Disaster Recovery Plan Tornado Paper

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Sequential Label and Supply (SLS)
IT Contingency Plan - Tornado

Last Revised: 6/29/15 SLS - IT Contingency Plan - Tornado

I. Executive Summary
Plan Design
Overview of the Plan Objectives

II. Business Impact Analysis
Description of Failures Addressed by Plan and Economic Impact Level 4 Failure Level 3 Failure Level 2 Failure Level 1 Failure

III. Incident Response Plan
Failure Responses

IV. Disaster Recovery Plan
Primary Address
Start of Disaster Recovery Phone Tree Temporary Office Space Temporary Servers Temporary Workstations Acquisition of Software, Hardware, and Supplies Contracted Services V. Business Continuity Plan Goals Normal Business Recovery Plan
I. Executive Summary

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Overview of the Plan Objectives

SLS is critically dependent on uninterrupted services. Any loss of network resources for an extended period of time could have a severe impact on SLS. This plan will specifically address failures that may occur due to a tornado.

This IT Contingency Plan focuses on various levels of failure, and what to do in the event that a failure occurs. The plan defines four levels of failures and the appropriate response to each. SLS will have written, well documented policies and The IT Department will also maintain current inventory lists, software license information or contact lists, as supporting documentation to this Plan. These documents will be kept onsite, offsite, and in a cloud-based server.

The primary objective of this Contingency Plan is to restore and sustain a minimally acceptable level of service. Should the business interruption be severe, such as the loss of the IT building, the restoration period could be extensive before SLS is able to return to a minimal level of productivity.

II. Business Impact Analysis

Description of Failures Addressed by the Plan and Economic
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The following lists the assumptions that have been made in preparing this Plan:

SLS Headquarters is located at 123 Evergreen Terrace, Anytown, MO. The primary office phone number is (816) 555-1234.

Start of Disaster Recovery

Phone Tree

The phone tree will always start with the ERT member who is on-call when the disaster occurs. The ERT member will first contact the CEO, and then the manager for each individual department, which includes the IT department, Human Resources department, Sales department, Payroll department, Accounting department, Warehouse department, and Shipping department.

Temporary Office Space

Should a disaster occur that prevents using any company buildings for an extended period of time the ERT will pursue the immediate leasing and setup of business at an alternate site. The ERT will also authorize the purchase or lease of either temporary office furniture or permanent replacement furniture and associated office supplies.


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