Hindenburg Airship Disaster Essay

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The Hindenburg Airship Disaster Research Paper
Louis Zhou
Suzhou Experimental High School AP Center

Abstract 3
Introduction 4

Causes of disaster #1 Sabotage 5 #2 Lightning 6 #3 Engine failure 7 #4 Static spark 8

Color of flame Mystery 10 #1 The hydrogen 11 #2 Skin 12
Summary 13
References 14

The D-LZ 129, widely known as Hindenburg Airship, was one of the biggest aircrafts in the world at that time. It was built by the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH in Germany. It got its name from the late Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, who was the President of Germany from 1925 to 1934. [1] The Nazi Germany wanted to show its power to the world. This was why the airship was built. It was
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After flying across the Atlantic Ocean for some days, the difference of electric charge between the skin and the frame was almost the same because of the help of cords although it was slow. So it would not burn down above the Atlantic Ocean. However, when the airship tried to land, it needed the help of cords which connected to the frame. The cords were dry at first because the airship was not on fire for four minutes after the drop of the cords. Because of the rainstorm, the cords became wet after four minutes. As soon as the cords were connected to the ground and wet, the frame was grounded. This led to the sudden potential difference between the frame and the skin. As a result, the electrical discharge happened between the skin and the frame. The spark tried to find the quickest way to ground, so it jumped from the skin onto the frame which was made of metal. Then the hydrogen was ignited by the spark and burnt the airship in just less one minute.…show more content…
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