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When you are going through this essay you are probably thinking that you can just go anywhere and there will be a Disc Golf Course. Well that is not how it works. You have to find an area that has a course. One of the Disc Golf Courses that are close to me is Andrews University. Andrews University is a College that has a Disc Golf Course and that course is a mostly flat course. The course is used for competitions and is used for the students of Andrews University to play in between classes. Another Disc golf course that is near me is called Madeline Bertrand. Madeline Bertrand is a very challenging course. Madeline Bertrand is used by not only locals but by people that come from anywhere. The costs of Madeline is a daily Disc Golf pass is: Adult $4.00, Youth $3.00, Annual Disc Golf Permit: Adult $30.00,Youth $20.00,Daily Disc Rental: Adult $1.00, Youth $.50. Though I only listed two of the Disc golf courses near me there are tons of courses by me. Those were just some of many disc golf courses that are near me.…show more content…
The history of this game started way back in 1976 by a man named Ed Headrick. Another important history fact is that the first Disc golf course was called Oak Grove Park. Did you know that the early games used targets as trash cans, trees, etc. When modern day disc golf started was in the late 60’s. The point of this game was to go through a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc and player with fewest throws into the basket wins.That was just some of the important facts of disc golf that I wanted to share with

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