The Controversy Of Paul's Discipleship

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Controversy of Paul’s Discipleship
Through the many hardships that Christianity had faced in its early days, the conversion of the Apostle Paul brought new depth and character to this new Divine Sect. The discipleship of Paul as he named himself 'the Jew of Tarsus' always remained most controversial and arguable even to the extent that he was sometimes blamed to be the one person who brought inventions in the Religion. His opponents misunderstood him to the limits that was accused of being the one person who prohibited people from the Christ’s true teachings and forced the followers of Holy Christ back to Judaism. This propaganda was spread by Nietzsche, who considered Paul as 'the eternal Jew par excellence' (Johnson, 1975).

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He was the one who for the first time fully comprehended and followed the Jesus's scheme of theology by grasping the magnitude of the variations it personified and finally the completeness of the break with the Judaic law. The controversy of Discipleship of Paul fabricated the enigma of his enemies who in turn proved to be the enemies of Christianity and…show more content…
He took his duty of a persecutor most seriously and enthusiastically and for that reason, for obeying law righteously, he found himself blameless. As it was the tradition of a Jewish religion to teach every young boy a trade so that he could earn his own livelihood, young Saul was taught to make tents through weaving of cloth from goat’s hair, at that time it was a common trade in Tarsus. At the age of thirteen, he was declared officially young boy and was sent to Jerusalem to achieve high level religious study from the most renowned Rabbi of that time Gamaliel. The rank of Rabbi Gamaliel was so high and he was so much respected that he had been given the title of beauty of the law; means he fashioned the law in such an extraordinarily beautiful manner that was never like that before. Under the supervision of such an educator, Saul became the most proficient and knowledgeable master of Old Testament. After finishing his education, Saul returned back to Tarsus and started there, though, by the time of persecution of Stephen, he went back to Jerusalem. He came back out of his anger on the teachings of Christianity and as saint Stephen was carrying out Missionary activities with full vigor in Jerusalem. Being the Hellenistic Jew, his rage on Stephen was frenzied as Stephen, had been “circulating among the Hellenistic synagogues in Jerusalem and preaching Jesus Christ” (McArthur, 2015). Stephen was
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