Disciplinary Policy In Counselling

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1.1 All employees of EWIE Group Companies are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and treat all fellow citizens with respect in order to protect the interests of the Company and all the employees. Disciplinary measures may be imposed on erring employees for conduct that violates the laid down policies or are considered unacceptable. EWIE may also immediately terminate an employee if it is considered necessary in the judgment of the management. While it is not possible to list all forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable the following acts of commission or omission constitute Minor or Major Offences and will invite disciplinary action.
2.1 The following
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Initially, the reporting manager should inform the employee verbally of the offence, and should advise him/her of the appropriate behaviour. This initial counselling should be aimed at correcting the staff member 's behaviour. Accordingly, during counselling, the manager should probe to discover the real reasons for the violation.
5.2 Warning (oral or written) is given for first time minor offences and is not put on record in the employee’s personal file. However, an intimation of the warning issued is to be sent to HR for passive retention. This documentation will become active and be treated as an initial, formal disciplinary action taken in case the employee’s behaviour continues to be unsatisfactory.
5.3 Written reprimand. The reporting manager will issue a written reprimand as a continuation of earlier warnings if unsatisfactory behaviour continues, or if the nature of the offence warrants a written reprimand.
5.4 A copy of the written reprimand will be sent to HR for information and documentation/retention in the employee’s personal
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The reporting manager will provide documentation for the attention of HR who will process the case as a major offence.
6.1 On receiving formal intimation regarding an employee 's misconduct which prima-facie is a major offence, HR will review the nature of the offence for appropriate disciplinary action. The reporting manager in consultation with HR will proceed with one or more of the following actions:-
6.2 Meet with the employee to investigate the situation;
6.3 Issue a written notice to the employee informing him/her of the alleged misconduct /offence, giving him/her the opportunity to respond within 48 hours;
6.4 Recommend the appropriate disciplinary action if the employee acknowledges the misconduct/offence within the stipulated time frame;
6.5 Request HR to institute an independent enquiry if the employee denies that there has been misconduct, or if the response is unsatisfactory;
6.6 Inform the employee of the enquiry allowing him/her the opportunity to state his/her case to the enquiry officer(s);
6.7 If the enquiry upholds the notice of misconduct, recommend the appropriate disciplinary action as

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