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*Question Which discipline plan should Kms have? *By:Brianna izawa The plan makes kids get an ACT score of 20.3.Higher than the city’s Average. A charter school with a discipline plan for their high school students. The discipline plan kms should have is the plan that if you break the rules, as a result, you have to face a bad consequence. First,in the article “Pay up” on paragraph 4 it states “ When students behave themselves ,Milkie says,They’re better able to concentrate on their classes. The superintendent points to the network’s average ACT score of 20.3.That’s higher than all the city’s other non-selective public schools.” so this means that the the plan is working well.
Secondly,in the same article in paragraph 3.It states”The policy teaches students to follow rules and creates a structured learning enviornment.”This means that this policy was made to help student actually listen and be a good kid and make them finally be able to get good grades. Which makes the plan even more successful. Lastly,in the same article on paragraph 20. it says” he said I don’t wanna brag, but it is. it’s why kids are so successful.”
This is really helpful because it shows that out of all the bad things other people say about this plan this person agrees with it and actually thinks it’s a
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eventually, Their scores will getting better,therefore this means that they will be prepared for high school and the next grade. This plan was so beneficent that it helps kids get excelling advancement in school, and ameliorate their way of education bigger and child’s play and pass the semester. So,if the discipline plan was at kms, accordingly , They will have a brighter future. “It’s suppose to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great - A league of their
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