Discipline With Purpose, PEP, And Family Life

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With the different life skills that I have learned through religion class, Discipline with Purpose, PEP, and Family Life, I can make smart decisions that will not affect my future in a negative way. The teachers have instilled in myself the ability to be a functioning member of society and have a positive influence on the world. Many years of religion classes have taught me how to have a close relationship with God and Family Life teaches me to be pleased and confident within my body. Also, PEP helps me to learn and prepare for tough decisions and situations that may or may not come up in the upcoming future. Lastly, Discipline with Purpose has helped guide both myself and my classmates with new life skills through the years that we have spent at Corpus Christi. The knowledge that this school has given me will help me have a successful future.…show more content…
If I am around classmates or “friends” who do not appreciate who I am, then they are not the right people for me to be around. This school has taught that being with the wrong crowd can impact your life in so many negative ways. The people that you surround yourself with, help you to overcome difficulties such as peer pressure or bullying. Another important piece of knowledge that Corpus has taught me is the power of peer pressure in high school. It is so easy to be manipulated into doing something that you do not want to do by someone who isn 't your friend. Peer pressure can lead to addiction, abuse, and many
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