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Mocking Jay Disclaimer: No afflictions with Hunger Games’ Mocking Jay. Mocking: The act of ridiculing someone for their physical or mental disabilities. Mockery of a person hurts the most to the one who is at the receiving end. To some itis a matter of laughter;to others, a matter of concern. However, there is no denial that mockery is a menial form of embarrassing and hurting someone. One must fully contemplate the idea behind mockery; it hurts and in some cases leads to the victimstaking stupid conclusions to end his mockery. Whether it is mockery of a famous person or someone you personally know: a classmate, a friend or even a cousin. Mockery done wrong is bad. But that being said,mockery completely abolished also renders our world…show more content…
For his short nimbus physique, his classmates always would leave no occasion where a mockery was due. This made Jay’s life a walking talking nightmare. He was just a teen, and was already envisioning suicide. Perhaps a moody teen with hormones ragging out of his body that makes him think of such decisions? No! Jay was yet to hit puberty while all his friends did. Jay was in quintessence: a meagre weakling in the land amongst the fittest. Jay kept coming home early from school, each day he’d tell the same reason to his mother, “Theymock me at school!” This had to end, his mother knew; but she saw no way to do so. Finally, one fine day she decided she’s had enough and went to the school, sat with the teachers and told them the condition of her son. The school staff, even though knew of Jay’s mockery, did nothing worthwhile to stop his saddened fable. However, with the foretelling of Jay’s misery;the school staff decided something need be done. The school staff pleaded to herthat the staff will look after Jay with extra attention, but the mother wouldn’t agree;she pushed for complete abolishment of mockery. They argued for a while, and the principal finally accepted…show more content…
Law was set forth that anyone who uses ‘mockery’ shall be fined and or suspended. Within a week, four kids were suspended and a dozen fined. Jay thought to himself that his life was now saner, normal and above

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