Disconnected Family Research Paper

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Why did it happen disconnected family due to divorce nowadays? Divorce happens after a husband and wife agreed to sign legal papers if they are decided to live apart and no longer want to be married to each other, they will be single again and they are allowed to marry other people if they willing to. According to Kay Marie Porterfield, 1999, 50% and 40% of marriage will end in divorce respectively in United State and Canada. They know that disconnected family due to divorce will bring big impacts on their future life but they still choose to separate, the main reason is caused by lack of trust and the solution is be affirmative to each other. The main problem that caused disconnected family due to divorce is lack of trust to each other that will influence the relationship between two individuals. As an example, Mrs Davies…show more content…
Michael Josephson states that “Honesty doesn 't always pay, but dishonesty always costs”. We can choose to be honest telling the truth rather than saying thousand lies to cover back the previous falsehood and keep the relationship between each other last longer. Like the example above, Mrs. Davies feel that Mr. Davies has cheating on her, she might ask him straight forward to lift the doubts if it is just a misunderstand or solve the problems together if Mr. Davies had lied. A study found out men lie six times per day and women are only three times, it is double as often as women, but most of them are white lie such as the husband will say he is not hungry so that his wife no need to cook after work. Human need trust and honesty to maintain the relationship between each other. As a conclusion, being honest and positive is the main way to develop an intimate relationship and decrease the issues of disconnected family due to divorce. We should trust each other since we are willing to marry with him or her and live together as a
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