Discount House In Nigeria Case Study

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CHAPTER 4 DEVELOPMENT I would start by stating that the financial sector of a country plays an important role in the growth and development of that economy, the financial sector of each country composes of various institutions such as bank and discount houses, financial markets, financial instruments and other operators that interact within it to provide certain financial services to members of the public. It should be noted that there is no financial sector across the world that does not experience hard times and as such certain problems arise during these hard times. Associated Discount House (ADH), like I said earlier is a discount house that engages in rendering various financial services. Most of these services are either related to the…show more content…
This would mean transforming from their present position where they simply operate in the money market into a deeper involvement in the country’s overall financial infrastructure. The discount houses would be transformed into an unquestionable pathway through which monetary policy actions can be carried out and also contribute to the overall growth of the financial sector.  The viability of discount houses on the long run would depend on their capability to obtain plausible money market based products that would exceed what banks can provide. This kind of venture would be profitable with the involvement of treasury securities-based products and the liquidity profile of discount houses. Having High Net worth Individuals (HNI’s) and corporate organizations invest in treasury securities backed instruments could dictate impending survival of discount houses.  There is need for proactive management of discount houses because the recent experience in the country’s financial sector calls for competent discount houses to ensure that banks continue to transact business with them in form of call deposits. Discount houses must be run professionally in order to guarantee optimal contribution to the improvement of the financial
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