Discourse Analysis And Analysis Of Medusa By Carol Ann Duffy

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In this coursework, the poem of extract four has been chosen. Result from I was attracted by its charming and mysterious traits after reading it, I have partiality for poetry’s discourse analysis and language appreciation.
The author Carol Ann Duffy is a Britain 's Poet Laureate that deserves the name. “She is the first woman and the first openly LGBT person to hold the position.” Medusa is the title of the poem, means a legendary Gorgon in Greek mythology. When I first skimmed through this poem, I thought it was a love poem merely. However, it given me a much wider understanding when I penetrated into its nature.
In this poem, Medusa is a metaphor for a kind of people who is susceptible and inferior emotionally involved. They are eager for romance, but they also supercilious in love. They are utterly affectionate mingled with anxious being detested by the person they fancy.

The words in the first sentence are the commonest sentiments of people in a relationship. Author portrayed the image of Medusa in more detail, an obnoxious creep with physical ugliness. “Filthy snakes, as though my thoughts” means unknown ugly fact of human nature, such as oversensitive and suspicious. “Are you terrified? Be terrified. It’s you I love” reveals love is the cause of disease, love makes me absolutely mental and crazy. Both perfect man and Greek God are metaphors of the deepest love person. It indicated that reverent love is similar to the heavenly-mindedness for god, even awe included.

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