Discourse Analysis In English Language

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What is talk/text? & why we are talking? Talk means to say words aloud in order to express thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. People are talking with others to find something out or to persuade somebody to do something or to build relationship. To talk in any language, you have to know the words sounds for that particular language & to read/write any text for the same language, you have to know the visual or other symbols. People prefer to use talk in their communication rather than reading/writing because they believe it is produced rapid interaction. I will discuss about some characteristic for everyday talk in English language, the structure & the function of the talk, some theories of sociologist & philosophers in the field of conversation …show more content…

A language practices is routines or activities in which people take part for particular purposes. Discourse analysis is the surface form of what people have said or written, looking carefully at the way they use language. Context is dealing with spoken communication. It refers to the physical location & social circumstances. It includes many elements such as the physical surrounding, the relationship between the speakers, the past shared experience & current goals & the social events & broader cultural values & expectations (Allington, Daniel & Barbara, Mayor, 2012, p. 6). Any language take into consideration the cultural as well as linguistic knowledge. There is different from community to another community & from community itself in speaking the same language. There is a specific range of speaking English language in different uses associated with particular institutions, relationship, and particular social event. “In order to understand the function and meaning of any spoken exchange, we need to know the values held by the speakers and their expectations about language use in that particular cultural context” (Allington, Daniel & Mayor Barbara, 2012, p. …show more content…

It is argued that women are less competitive and more cooperative than men & work hard to make the interaction run smoothly, encouraging others to talk and using more face-saving politeness strategies. Deborah Cameron argues in her book “The Myth of Mars & Venus” that there are similarities than differences in the way both genders talk. She recommended to focus on social roles instead of gender to explain the predisposition to cooperative or competitive talk. Men & Women could express display more sympathetic, convivial style of language with their family & close

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