Discourse Analysis In The Media

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There are lots of types of spoken and written discourses which reflect the public opinion of the media. As well as there are ways to analyze them by using discourse analysis. By the discourse analysis , it means methods and ways that can be applied on the written media discourses. In order to find the reasons behind what makes it cohesive and united units that convey the message and meaning of the writer to the reader. The function of discourse analysis may include balance speech of the mind, interactions, activities, community and institutions.(Gee,1999,p.5) The element that makes the written discourse in a cohesive and meaningful way is cohesion. Cohesion knits the sentences and paragraphs of the discourse in restricted…show more content…
This opposite words make the meaning more effective and clearer to the reader. Hyponyms ,co-hyponyms are relations based on what is superordinate and what is subordinate and also what is a type of the other. As well as meronymy and co-meronymy are relations based on what is a part from the other it is like a synchdoche relations. General words are the words which depicts a large umbrella such as: things and staff. ordered series is the relation indicates a series of steps or number orders. finally general specific relation is a relation depends on the word and the same word in another paragraph but with an adjective preceded…show more content…
Because they complete each other and they have the same target which is to avoid repetition. The phoric relation of substitution ,ellipsis and reference are considered as a structure forming relations in the sentences. And they also deal with the nature of the text rather than its organization of grammar.(Halliday and Hasan,1976,p.322) The anaphoric relation of reference may interrelate with substitution. Grimes reflects his opinion through Halliday’s opinion. He refers to the anaphoric elements by reference as a substitution relationship. This contains markers, demonstratives, pronouns and quasi-pronominal nouns and other categories. Besides that when cataphoric demonstratives are used to indicate something that is previous mentioned they do not remain anaphoric but information centers. So anaphoric and cataphoric relations have another

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