Discourse Analysis Of 'Anticlockwise' By Kishwer Naheed

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There are different types of unequal power relations which may base on ethnic differences, social class differences and race, gender, religion or age differences. In case of unequal power distribution among groups the dominant group integrates its power with rules, laws, customs, habits and general consensus at societal level which is called hegemony. Class domination, sexism and racism are principles examples of hegemony (Gramsci, 1971). Gender discrimination and domination, one of the examples of hegemony of one gender in society, is an ideology as well as a discursive social practice.
Critical Discourse Analysis, a field of linguistics, specifically aims at searching and identifying traces of cultural and ideological meanings in spoken as well as written texts (O’ Halloran, 2003, p.1). It is thus a powerful tool to analyze institutional, political, social and other types of discourses in order to bring out the covert ideology present in the specific discourses and also highlights the overt ideas. It is a linguistic tool which beautifully brings out the relationship between language and power and inequalities in social relationships.
The present study aims at applying Fairclough 3D model of Critical Discourse Analysis on the beautiful poem “Anticlockwise” by Kishwer Naheed. The focus of the study is to investigate how the speaker has manipulated her feminist agenda through the language and how the appropriate choice of lexical items has enabled her to advocate the case

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