Discourse Based Discourse

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Discourse-based and Genre-based language
Instructional materials

Discourse-based language instructional materials Units of language which go beyond the level of sentence are what we refer to as discourse. Thus, a discourse can be a short interaction, an entire conversation, a written paragraph, a speech, and so on. And as Chomsky has observed, there is no limit to the number of possible sentences that can be generated from the grammar and lexicon of a language. Interactions and conversations are referred to as unplanned or spontaneous discourse, whereas such things as speeches, paragraphs, book chapters, and so on are called planned discourse. The idea behind discourse is coherence; that is, within a discourse, multiple sentences or propositions
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This shift has led to a reconceptualization of language, context, and learning in profound ways. Sociocultural theories (SCT) of learning conceptualize the relationship between the learner and the social world as dialectical and mediated by cultural artifacts, among which language is primary. Learners are not just passive recipients of language input and teachers are not just providers of input. Rather, the learners, the teacher, and the sociocultural context in which the discourse takes place are constitutive of what is being learned. Seen from this perspective, classroom discourse studies based on the input-output model present an impoverished and reductionist view of L2…show more content…
In contrast to process models, genre based pedagogies support learners within a contextual framework for writing. At their core, these methods offer writers an explicit understanding of how texts in target genres are structured and why they are written in the ways they are. To create a well-formed and effective text, students need to know the lexico-grammatical patterns which typically occur in its different stages, and the teacher’s task is to assist students towards a command of this through an awareness of target genres and an explicit grammar of linguistic choices. Providing writers with a knowledge of grammar shifts writing instruction from the implicit and exploratory to a conscious manipulation of language and
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