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My definition of a discourse community is a community of people who have the same interests and they share the same goals with each other. This definition, I think it gives a good understanding of how a discourse community possibly begins. A discourse community takes place all over the world and plays a key role in communication. I believe that each and every person in the world is involved in at least one discourse community in their life, it is important to understand the definition of this term. Being a part of a discourse community is an experience that everyone should have, whether it 's a specific sports team that you participated in or watched, or an online community like twitter, face book, and pinterest. A discourse community I am apart…show more content…
There are regulations that are not stated because the athletes are expected to know them all. Overall the individuals in the discourse community are essentially the same, sharing common interests and slight personality traits. I chose the Track and Field team as one of my discourse communities because track has played an important role in my life and I have been running track sine the ninth grade. I have been too many city championships and state championships and I have also been too the junior Olympics. While on the track team it kept my physically fit, it gave me motivation to pass my classes and made me determined to beat my time over and over again. On the track team we share similar goals in the track and field community. There are a lot of goals too set when you’re on the track team. I and my team all have personal records that we set after a race and when it’s time for the next race we set a goal to beat the last record. We also have the same goal of reaching the state and city championships. Only the best makes it too the championships and it’s our goal to get…show more content…
Without the group chat everyone may miss out on events, for example the track coach might cancel practice and some people on the track team may not be aware, so we post it in the group chat with everybody’s number in it too get that message around. We also send inspirational messages on days of the track meet too keep everyone focused. When we have breaks we usually don’t have practice over those breaks, we use the group chat too remind each other to eat healthy and stay in shape over the break. Communication is very important when you’re on any kind of team. When you communicate with your coach it helps your performance on and off the track.
The genres for the track are team meetings and scheduled practice. Track and field also has a variety of events that each athlete partakes in. The race events are sprints, and distance. While the field events are jumping and throwing. Sprints are the short distance races that consist of events like the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash and relay races like the 4x1 and 4x2, unlike the distance runner’s sprinters work on their speed and technique instead of endurance. However distance consists of longer races like the 1400 and the 800. In order to run these races you must be strong mentally and have great
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