Discourse Community In Video Games

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So everyone knows what video game is, a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. Do you not have many misconceptions about video games like “they are for kids, they do not require team work, they are all the same or nothing good ever comes out of video games” (The Crap Gamer,1). People have looked at video games that way for a long time, and no it’s not bad to look at them like that because anyone can misjudge anything by it’s cover. Should we be so judgment about it, no because games are part of our society and they just keep getting better better. But enough of being so pushy about video games, I would like to share a new view towards video games as a discourse community. In…show more content…
I would like to explain why this is the game I chose to focus on, this game is the most recent of the COD franchise out there but it also captures what COD is mostly about. To maintain the idea of discourse community from Swales article, I would like to define it. A discourse community is a group that has goals or purposes and work, communicate together to achieve them (Swales, 22). To identify a discourse community, there is six qualifications that should be displayed. These qualifications include having common public goals, a way to communicate with one another, giving back feedback, a specific language set for the community, genres the community produces and having members have relevant knowledge and can keep being passed down to others. In finding more information of how to support my claim I came across things fairly easy. Since I am part of this community and so is a few of other friends, most of it would be considered primary sources. And for other things that I knew where there but need a way to make sure they qualify, I used the internet. We have plenty of our own forums, we have website for the game, and we have
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