Discourse Community Reflection

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For this analysis I’m going to be reflecting on how you can gain authority in a new discourse community. The discourse community that I am going to be looking at today is a high school tennis team. I was interested in reflecting on this topic because when I first started playing tennis on my high school team I didn’t have any authority. Then suddenly after one match I was one of the most authoritative players on the team and continued to be so for the rest of the season and the next year. This genuinely confused me at the time and I have never gotten a clear answer to why I suddenly had so much influence. Now I’m going to use this opportunity to reflect on the events that caused suddenly caused me to be influential. For this community analysis…show more content…
This will be the easiest way to gather, record and share all the data that I have stored in my head. In order to analyze and interpret my data I will reflect on who had authority before I did, how did they get the authority that they had and how did I get my authority so quickly and, seemly, randomly? Obviously my memory is not perfect also I was not on the tennis team when the student before me gained most of her authority so there will be some unclear parts that I will try and work around. I think that I will benefit for this because it will shed some light on why I suddenly was in a position of power and will clear up some questions that I have had for a long time. Also this will benefit other people because it 's just another example that might bring up more questions or solve some question that other people might have. It might help somebody on a high school tennis team understand how and why the gained authority or help someone gain authority. In this community analysis I will be reflecting on how I gained authority in my high school tennis team. Other researchers can take up my question and adapt it to any sport whether it 's in high school or not. I think it would be very interesting for other reaserches to look at any close tightly knit communities and figure out how people gain authority in those communities. Maybe look at how somebody reacts when
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