Discourse In Families

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In society today there are multiple media sources projecting different views of families as well as alternate parenting methods which coincide with these outlooks. Television shows, movies, magazine articles and billboards all do their part in displaying contemporary ideas of families to society. It is important to consider discourse when looking as well as working with families. Understanding that there are diversities involved in everyday family is important to consider. Families revolve around relationships, that being stated there is a large range of relationships, those that are healthy and those that are not, often both are displayed in the media. The multiple things which impact relationships within families regarding, beliefs,…show more content…
The film “We’re the Millers” illustrates the diversities of family relationships. This film revolves around four very different individuals which ultimately come together to form a strong family bond through unforeseen circumstances. Although the film looks at the construction of a fake family, eventually the characters truly grow into there fake family roles. The portrayal of contemporary intimate and familial relationships related to the content of the readings through the weeks last four to seven. As previously stated there is a discourse to be understood, discourse being the power of relations through language that are both exposed and applied through particular language which we choose to communicate certain ideas and believes. All though this film isn’t the basic construction of family as most other films there is a strong family relationship between characters. A bond between parents often is a fundamental part of families, as it is the make or break relationship of the two heads of the family. For instance, in the film the mother and father’s relationship isn’t built on either love or lust rather business, throughout the movie the two individuals grow into the loving relationship rather then lust, which is often illustrated in
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