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Another point of concern is the role of culture in using different types of Metadiscourse markers. To consider reflexive markers culturally, one will observe that language users in different cultures are using different types of Metadiscourse markers with different frequencies, so the case at hand is considering if there is any relationship between culture and using these markers and if so, how much Metadiscourse usage is affected by culture. The end result will reveal that whether all types of Metadiscourse markers can be prescribed for people of different cultures or not.
In this thesis, the present researcher is going to find out if researchers of the articles relating to Metadiscourse have used Metadiscourse markers in their articles or
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Another purpose is to see if the culture of the writers will have any influence on the type and frequency of the Metadiscourse markers used in their articles.
And the final purpose is to see whether any type of Metadiscourse markers is teachable or these markers are totally culture bound.
Significance of the Study
If non-Anglo-American language users who have a good command of the use of Metadiscourse markers have not acquired how to use these markers in their English language, the teachability of these markers to language learners will be out of question and a case of wishful thinking.
Another significant point is if teachability of these markers is culture-dependent, then they are not completely teachable, so the teachability would be partially rejected. Because, for instance, if one finds a nation with a completely different culture, s/he will come to the conclusion that teaching these markers to them would be a gargantuan task with no or minute
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'Abstracts' have been chosen because researchers have to present a gist of their article in a short paragraph, so they should use Metadiscourse markers to summarize and classify what they have said. Too, 'Introductions' have been chosen because the researchers would not be bound to any limitation of words as they are in abstracts, and could use Metadiscourse markers in a way or two to prove their
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