The Discourse Of A Crazy Cat Analysis

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Inka or The Discourse of a Crazy Cat Lady on Why a Bird is not a Cat
- The relationship with my cat through the eyes of Feminism and Posthumanism - “Do I love my cat?” This question may seem irrelevant to any other being except me, who else in this world is, or should be interested in whether or not I – an individual, a single particle of stardust, a micron of the Universe, and still a whole imperfectly perfect universe in itself – feel anything towards a cat? Why should anyone care about such a frivolous subject when people die of hunger, when there is child labor exploitation out there in the world, when there is - and this somehow sums up all – intolerance, born from the lack of love. People hate each other and people misunderstand each
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I could say “I do not know.” as I could say that I do not know how is like to participate in a war, and it would be the truth in both cases, as I cannot possible have neither Inka’s experience, nor that of Paul Baumer, the hero from “All is Quiet on the Western Front” but this is not the end of it. This example seems indeed a bit too extreme, but if I were to turn away my eyes and state bluntly that “This is impossible!” that would mean a refuse to understand and to empathize, distancing myself from the possibility of becoming with, the actual experience is not something that would guarantee the opening of a line of communication, but my availability to put myself into someone else’s shoes (or paws) can mean a beginning. Unlike Paul Baumer (who is a fictional character that offers me the chance to relate to real people from the war zones of the world) my cat is a real cat, like the one of Derrida, and “putting into her paws” would not mean behaving like a cat for a time, but truly realizing that behind her it is an actual being that communicates with my by means of slow blinks, peculiar meows, certain movements and that she has the capacity to initiate an act of communication as well as to end it depending on her mood. I do not doubt the love for my cat, what I doubt is my love for all the animals. Am I able to love them? Because if yes,…show more content…
That is why it seems not mainly enough for a man to have a cat. The portrait of a classic cat lady usually depicts an unattractive and single (though a bit of a man-hater) middle-aged woman that desperately tries to fill the void of not being in a relationship (with a man) by fostering one or even more cats. But this mean stereotype of the weird cat person is as wrong and as harmful as any other, not only that it relates celibacy with the lack of social power as if a woman’s status would depend upon her man but it also spreads the impression that by owning a cat a man somehow acquires this (so womanly) weakness like some sort of illness. The association between cats and women is not at all a coincidence as in some ancient cultures both were worshipped sometimes under the same name as it is the case in the ancient Egypt where the cat goddess, Bastet was half
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