Discovery Of The New World Essay

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Many events have contributed with the development of modern western society. But out of all of those one that stands out is the exploration of the New World. This created a huge impact in how things worked in European countries. With the discovery of the New World the Europeans focused on obtaining new land that had not been explored yet, and looking for resources that it could provide. Slavery had always been around since the very first civilizations but it became very big once the New World was discovered. Trade was also affected by the discovery of the New World, many new things were now available for trade with Europe and at the same time many European items were incorporated in the New World. So the discovery of the New World had a huge impact on how the modern western society developed. European countries began to make new expeditions after the discovery of the New World. The Spanish and Portuguese were some of the first who made these expeditions. The main focus was to look for new resources like gold and other items that could be used for trade. When the Spanish came into contact with then native people of the New World they found out that there was gold and other precious metals…show more content…
But once the New World was discovered there was a need for a lot of labor and slaves were a cheap source to obtain this labor and get things done. Now more slaves were required so this was the early beginning of the Atlantic slave trade. Many slaves were captured in wars and others were sold, this also made slavery become more racial since most of the slaves being used were Africans who were sold by other Africans. This caused a huge impact on how European countries worked because now with a higher demand for slaves the sale of slaves could bring profits, and slavery became more popular among Europe. It would eventually become even bigger in the New World which would exploit a huge amount of
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