Discovery Wheel

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In the future there are many obstacles that can keep you from succeeding in college, but there are also things that could support you to keep on going. When you are in college you have to make adjustments in order to feel engaged and prepared. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses so you can achieve in some things and get better in others. To figure out your strengths or weaknesses in some areas you can complete a discovery wheel as i did in chapter one. A discovery wheel is an opportunity to tell the truth about yourself so you can know what kind of student you are or what kind of student you want to become. While completing this assignment I was to tell the truth to get the best results and find out truly what kind of student I am. I discovered that my strong abilities and skills are diversity, health, and communication. I think this is an accurate resemblance of what kind of student I am. I am always a student who likes to be around other no matter who they are. I like making friends and always interacting with people. Communication is definitely a strong ability that i have because when i want to know something i always ask questions or i just like to conversate in general. Another…show more content…
For example in the workforce if i am communicative to customers they will most likely feel welcomed and appreciated. If i am commutative with my family they can understand me and help me if i need any help.
I now know what my strengths are and I am going to keep them up. Although I also have weaknesses I now know how to strengthen them in order to progress in life. The discovery wheel has help me understand myself better and make me certain of what kind of student I am. I am a kinesthetic student who like to work out problems myself and actual figure out problems. Even if i don 't succeed at first i know that there are other
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