Federalism In The Criminal Justice System

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Moving forward, in order to understand the criminal justice system more, it is important to know what the concept of federalism is. Federalism is meant the government powers being shared within the national government and states. As I should also mention, federalism plays a part in the growth and development of the United States. While reading through the textbook, federalism established a powerful national government, allowing state powers and traditions. As an example that was mentioned in the textbook, back in 2015, California was known for becoming the fifth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide, but only allowing for those certain patients who were ill. Federalism can be seen clear due to the federal law enforcement levels.…show more content…
For example, law enforcement officers, attorneys, correction officers, or even judges can be faced with discretionary decision making when it comes to the criminal justice process. This process will begin with having to arrest by the law enforcement officer who is in the field. As the case is officially forwarded to the attorney, multifarious avenues of discretionary decisions will be available to resolve a case or cases. When it comes to officers, they must use discretion when it comes down to deciding to enforce the law when situations arise. As an example, unclear laws or moral standards can cause an officer to have an alternate resolution when it comes to the problem. Even though discretion is a component to the law enforcement, most of these decisions are based on misdemeanor or traffic enforcements. Ethics in criminal justice is somewhat related to the concept of justice. Professional criminal justices represent the state and have the power to determine if the state is treating the citizens fair or not. As an example, if an officer were to whiteness an African American jaywalking and decided to give he or she a citation due to the genders race, then the officer is acting both unethically and…show more content…
It is not committed by any type of gender or race. It is committed by people of all backgrounds. You should always be aware of what is happening around you and always trust your instincts regarding people's actions, language, or behavior. Within today's society, crime rates are increasing more and more each day. As these crime rates keep increasing, we know we are capable of relying on the police. Technology has improved law enforcement as to where the police investigators are liking the benefits of the fingerprint identification. This only allows the law enforcement agents to identify the certain suspect from evidence. As it comes to gun violence, there has been numerous of mass shootings, schools, concerts, drivebys, etc. but as it comes to gun control, the blame for these mass shootings lie in the access to firearms within the United States. Gun control refers to the policies that the federal and governments limit accesses to firearms in the counties. Having a stricter gun control, it leads to background checks in order to keep firearms out of the procession of people, more like convicted felons. Crime has also tension between the law enforcements and other racial backgrounds. As an example, Hispanics or African Americans have higher rates to commiting a crime. Those who fall into these two backgrounds, start to accuse the law enforcements as racists. As I should also mention, in the textbook, chapter one explains the “Ferguson
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