Discrimination Against Aboriginal People

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Access to proper healthcare should be a right that every individual should be able to obtain. Healthcare systems should not be biased towards an individual because giving healthcare service should be a given human right regardless of social determinants such as race, religion and social or economic status. Nonetheless, there are disparities when it comes to the healthcare system between Aboriginal people who reside in the tortes island and the settlers. Aboriginal people are negatively affected by the disparities which are the result of bias and discriminatory perspective that are displayed by different levels of the government and professions. Aboriginal people are discriminated and stereotyped within the Canadian population and are treated unfairly. This paper attempts to shed light on the matter of discrimination in the healthcare system and how it has an immense impact in the health of the Aboriginal people. A recent article by CBC news surfaced the internet which talked about the death of an indigenous man due to the lack of proper care by the health professional after he was labelled as “drunk” based on his heritage .Statistics Canada shows , Stories like that are common within Indigenous communities with the rates high as This paper argues that the unresolved racism following the colonization has unlatched a door for inequality between Aboriginal people and settlers in the healthcare system resulting in an increase in discrimination, mortality rate, violence and alcohol/ drug use.…show more content…
This paper also examines how institutional racism influences healthcare professionals and their patient care protocols and Bias, stereotyping, prejudice, and clinical uncertainty on the part of health care providers may contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in health

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