Discrimination Against African Americans

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After the Civil War, African Americans had finally gained their freedom following years of being forced into an inhumane slave system that dehumanized their entire race. Even though the 13th Amendment abolished the institution of slavery, that did not change people's views of African Americans; whites still viewed blacks as inferior to them. As the African Americans were starting to finally build lives for themselves without the help of their former masters, whites’ resentment of African Americans grew because of their growth in America both economically and politically. Even as African Americans faced discrimination because of their race, Native Americans also faced discrimination from white society because of their culture. Natives overall…show more content…
For example, the Mississippi Plan, which was a series of state amendments disenfranchising black voters, was one of the many ways of oppressing African Americans because of their growth in the political world. Another example of a way that black men were oppressed was the use of clauses such as the “grandfather clause,” which allowed illiterates to vote if their fathers or grandfathers had been eligible to vote on January 1, 1867. An estimated total of 90% of African Americans were illiterate. Some states even enacted poll taxes, which was a tax on voting. This restricted African Americans because many of them were not able to pay it, as they had to feed their families as well as pay off debts that they owed to their sharecroppers, which was a farming system where landless workers farmed in land and in exchange with the farm owner for supplies and a share of the…show more content…
Discrimination and segregation played an important part in an African American’s place in white society. When African Americans would attempt to resist the segregation laws that were forced upon them, they would be punished. Over 1,400 black men and women were shot, burned or lynched for not following segregation laws. Race played a large part in Africans’ standing in White society. Race is what set the Africans apart from the Americans and that difference was the reason behind the large amounts of discrimination that they faced. African Americans were largely discriminated against by white society, including being harshly targeted by the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK. The KKK was initially a social club, but eventually grew to be a way to intimidate African Americans. The KKK’s intentions were to target African Americans whose standing was growing in America. The KKK is a big example of how whites believed that they were far more superior than those who they lived around. Even as African Americans had gained their freedom, and were earning their livelihoods, the KKK still targeted them

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