Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Parents

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Since the mass shooting at a night club in Orlando Florida, the LGBTQ community has been brought to light on the discrimination they have endured from other people because of who they are attracted to and what they believe to see in a partner. Due to the way most people were raised, they handle these differences violently and showing their distaste for the individuals because they relate to their old customs; as for religion, they cannot be interested in the same sex. From homosexuals struggling to get a marriage license, they are now struggling to become parents. Political people are wanting to ban the majority of the states to not let gay and lesbian couples adopt. Some people view this as another home for loving parents to get the opportunity to take care of a child in need. Others insinuate homosexual parents are infecting children's minds to be open with their sexuality and to not let gender roles be in the way of how they view themselves. These individuals do not take the welfare of the children that need a…show more content…
Individuals believe that if children were raised by homosexual parents that it would corrupt the child into believing that everyone is gay or lesbian later on in life. As for the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP), they ran tests and revealed that the majority of the sex parents are "more tolerant of diversity and more nurturing toward younger children than children whose parents are heterosexual" (Hirsch, Alan, and Brad Sears). For raising a child, homosexuals seem to understand how to grow children into better adults; by growing them like plants, they have to dig their roots or their morals and principles into the foundation of their life to understand who they are and how to act. Children that are being raised around discrimination towards their parents takes a lot out of the parents by showing their children the right way and how to treat others as

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