Discrimination Against Middle Eastern Americans

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The issue of racial bias against Middle Eastern Americans in the United States has only worsened as time has gone on. Racial profiling, harassment, and unfair treatment are only a few types of abuse that Middle Easterners have had to face on a day to day basis which has stirred up anger and irritation in American society. This is a serious problem because if people are treated unequally then we are no longer the “land of the free” and society cannot move forward if we have racism holding us back. There is also a global and political aspect to this in the sense that Middle Eastern countries would choose against being allies with us due to the amount of hatred they receive in the United States. This discrimination was at first believed to stem…show more content…
Personally, I first noticed this divide with students that could not make friends as easily due to the negativity surrounding their place of birth. These same students grow older feeling insecure and ashamed of who they are, which creates a major issue since they are a part of this country 's future and could contribute to society in ways that would prove beneficial to the United States ' growth. Given the opportunity, Middle Eastern people could reach their full potential and aid this country in its advancement. However, a majority of Americans either do not see this problem or simply do not care, which is why it is still prevalent even though we are in the twenty-first…show more content…
We should improve the laws against hate crimes and even create a few new laws that will allow for an increase in the funding of police departments because it will allow the police officers to be trained properly to be able to identify acts of abuse better. In doing so will allow for a safer environment specifically for Middle Eastern Americans. With the proper training, officers can use religion as an aspect of investigation and not identification which is discussed in the paper “Walking While Muslim.” In this paper, Margaret Chon and Donna Arzt describe that one of the struggles of being Middle Eastern is automatically being identified as Muslim, and vice versa, even though that may not be the case. Chon and Arzt helped shape my idea of a solution because they declare in their paper that “religion should be closely examined as an analytic category” (Arzt and Chon, 2005) rather than unsystematic when regarding “the law and policy of counter-terrorism” (Arzt and Chon, 2005) because religion cannot be used as a description for a person since it’s a choice. By improving the funding that is given to police departments, it will permit police officers better training in handling these situations and preventing them as well rather than instigating them. With better preparation, officers will be ready to handle any backlash caused by terrorist attacks. These hate crimes that officers should be prepped for are usually stimulated by the media. However, the information that is

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