Essay On Discrimination Against Minority Groups

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Discrimination against minority groups in the Arab countries is on the increase. Women in the Arab world suffer as one of the minority group that is being suppressed compared to men who are enjoying better rights than the women. Other groups that are suffering from discrimination include the stateless and the refugees. Despite the change in constitutional conditions, attaining equality for minority groups is still challenge. There are several difficulties that minority groups are suffering from difficulties that the constitution has not yet been in a position to settle. Despite the effort by the government and political bodies to provide equality for everyone in the Arab world, enough has not yet been done to stop discrimination and it is essential to stop discrimination among minority groups.
Constitutional conditions have resulted in favoring women and regulating women to certain duties. The constitution has ensured that women are not subjected
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Stateless women include the women who have moved to the Arab world in search of employment. There are domestic workers who are from different countries. A good number of these workers have no papers to certify that they are legally living in the Arab world. It is for this reason that men in the Arab world have taken advantage of these women and continuously abused them. The first factor that results in this is that the law already upholds the position of the man in society. The constitution in the Arab countries is built on the Arabian beliefs that are full of chauvinism. Even after abuse, a stateless woman is still not in a position to seek justice in a court of law. Most judges are men and not women and following this reason lighter sentences are often given to male offenders despite the crime that has been committed. There is need to change this trend that events are taking and there is need to stop this trend of discrimination (Arab human development report,

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