Discrimination Against Native Americans

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Latino’s suffered very harsh treatments as well however, most of Latino’s were born in their native countries, that seemingly is a negative and a positive the positive was that they knew who they were before coming to America. At a minimum this was a buffer to the dominant group, as they could not control their ideals of who Latino’s were. The barriers and doors of discrimination for this group often comes through language or the in ability to communicate however, they are the largest minority group soon to not be minority according to reports. Poverty and education as diminished as they struggle to be taught and learn through their native tongue. The upside to Latino’s is that they are the largest minority group. Their voices are listened to because they have many, they also have realized their power in numbers…show more content…
I believe that they must feel the impact of “Colonialism”. To be in a place that is yours, a place that you have cultivated and loved only to be run out by the dominant group. Native Americans have been exploited, things that were theirs have even taken away. I do not know what is like to be in a place that was once mines and be removed from it and later be considered a foreigner. Based on those things that were done, we have attempted to restore them to some type of dignity. By providing land as well as the ability run their reservation. Native Americans are in some ways not subject to some of the laws that most others are. I still believe that even with all of those attempted fixes this community will never be the same. With all that is offered, I still believe that it continues and furthers the separation from this country as they must have felt for the things that they suffered. Because of that identity they suffer in ways would not imagine, they are cared for in all aspects by their own and if that is not available it appears that they fall through the crack of life, that is not good for
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