Discrimination Against Transgender Students

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The United States of America has made great progress when it comes to LGBTQIA rights. Same sex marriage is now legal in every state, so wouldn’t it seem that the fight is over? This could not be farther from the truth, as many groups within the LGBTQIA community are still being heavily discriminated against, transgender people being one of the more recognizable cases. Many public places still do not allow transgender people the right to use their preferred restrooms and high schools are no exception. Transgender students are bullied and harassed everyday simply because of what bathroom they choose to use. The anti-trans policies in certain schools not only take a toll on the student 's mental health, they also put schools in considerable…show more content…
Schools aren’t the only things being put at risk because of anti-transgender policies, as the discrimination transgender kids face on a daily basis puts them at a higher risk of committing or attempting suicide. The American Medical Association stated that the “sense of alienation in an unaccepting environment” contributes to LGBTQIA teen depression (Adelson & Knight). Students in any grade are at a very crucial stage in their lives. They internalize everything around them, whether it be positive or negative. When teens are consistently discriminated against, they start to believe that they’re at fault for their suffering which leads to lower self-esteem. Studies have shown that children and teens in the LGBTQIA community are about 5 times more likely to commit or attempt suicide than other youth (Adelson & Knight). LGBTQIA teens often suffer constant discrimination and alienation from their peers, this takes a toll on them over time. Being judged on a social level is normal amongst humans, but adding judgement based on their gender or sexuality is a recipe for immense emotional distress. With the discrimination against transgender people being so prominent and strenuous, transgender youth are at an even greater risk of feeling unwanted and suicidal (Adelson & Knight). Not only do transgender youth have to suffer the stigma that comes with being in the LGBTQIA community, they must face the challenges of going against society’s idea of gender. The violent backlash…show more content…
The discrimination against transgender people is aiding in making school an unsafe place. 78% of students surveyed in DC reported being harassed or physically assaulted when trying to use the restroom at school (Herman). This statistic proves that an alarming amount of innocent students are subject to abuse even in a supposedly secure school bathroom. Most other students are not even aware that this is happening, so the issue goes unmanaged. 10% of surveyed students reported that the anti-transgender policies in their school have negatively affected their attitude towards school (Herman). If a student’s personal life is being impacted by the policies of their school, it isn’t difficult to imagine that they wouldn’t want to attend. It is only natural for humans to avoid constant sources of discomfort, especially if the discomfort they feel is both emotional and physical. Of the 78% who reported restroom violence, 54% confessed that they had developed health problems from having to avoid their school’s restrooms (Herman). The health problems reported include dehydrations, urinary tract infections, and kidney infections (Herman). Not only do these people suffer outward physical harm from harassment, they have to bear the internal repercussions. School is not a place where students should feel unsafe or be harmed in any way. High schools should defend their students, not encourage laws that make their environments

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