Discrimination And Bias Against LGBT In Schools And The Workplace

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Discrimination and Bias Against LGBT In Schools and the Workplace

Even in today’s society, the LGBT community is still oppressed, and discriminated against. Some of the worst places that the LGBT people are discriminated against are schools and workplaces. Some children as young as fifth grade are committing suicide, because people are discriminating, and oppressing them, because of their sexuality. In today’s world of acceptance, and loving, the LGBT community should not be oppressed, nor discriminated against.

Discrimination in the schools, is some of the worst discrimination, especially for members of the LGBT community. In schools, students are teased, bullied, and even sometimes killed by their peers, all because of their sexual orientation. According to multiple sources, a majority of the 8th-12th grade LGBT students surveyed had been bullied because of their sexual orientation in the last twelve months. Students as young as 11 have committed suicide, just because they are LGBT. According to The Williams Institute "While neither identified as gay, there was evidence in the news reports of gender non-conformity" (Biegel). This shows that there needs to be stricter rules, and more legislation to protect those that are LGBT in schools.

Even the homeless and runaway population in LGBT youth are higher than any other minority group. LGBT youth are running away from their homes, because their sexuality has strained relationships between them and their family members.

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