Discrimination And Discrimination

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Exposé for a master thesis on the subject
„Influence of perceived discrimination on Acculturation and subjective well-being of immigrants in Austria”
Migration is a process that is almost always stressful and can lead to psychological problems. Immigrants are facing increased stress related to the adjustment to a new way of life: the loss of extended family and social networks, loss of employment and social status, change roles and intergenerational conflicts, difficulties in social integration and difficult access to social and health services due to linguistics and systemic barriers. ( Sabatier et al. 2008 ).

One of the main stressors for immigrants is discrimination. Such experience influences the sense of belonging and psycho-social integration, which leads to frustration, resentment, and loss of sleep. People who are discriminated or exposed to some sort of unfair treatment show more psychological stress, depression and lower levels of life satisfaction and happiness ( Williams, Spencer, Jackson, 1999). They may begin to avoid or to lose confidence in the members of the dominant social groups.

Discrimination is defined as a behavioral manifestation of negative attitude, judgment or unfair treatment towards members of one group ( Williams, Spencer, Jackson, 1999). Discrimination can also be defined as any behavior, judgment or action that creates and encourages relations of oppression or conditions that marginalize or exclude the lives of those who are discriminated (
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