Discrimination And Injustice In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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When facing discrimination and injustice you can either choose to stand up and show courage or stand to the side and let it happen. In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor Cassie has to show courage for herself and her family because they are being discriminated against because of their race. The book is taking place during the 1930s in Mississippi where African Americans weren’t treated fairly. Cassie has to show courage when she stood up for Little Man on the first day of school, standing up to Lillian Jean, and confronting Mr. Barnett at the mercantile. On the first day of school at Great Faith Elementary, Cassie has to stand up for her little brother Little Man. Little Man is a very meticulous person, so when he got a dirty and torn up book he freaked out. Not only was it a dirty book, but it said something very insulting on the first page. On page 19 it says, “Miz Crocker,” I said, “I don’t want my book neither.“ Cassie and Little Man end up getting switched because of her standing up for Little Man.It shows courage to stand up for something when you know you could get in trouble for it. If you were in Cassie’s shoes would you stand up to a white person for treating you unfairly? Cassie proves her courage by standing up to Lillian Jean Simms for treating her wrong. Lillian Jean and Cassie bump…show more content…
and Cassie go to Strawberry, Cassie has to show her courage by standing up to Mr. Barnett at the mercantile. T.J. gives Mr. Barnett his order, but Mr. Barnett started to fill a little white girl’s order before his. Cassie gets frustrated with him, and tells Mr. Barnett that he doesn’t need to fill someone else’s order before theirs. On page 111 it says, “ We been waiting on you for near and hour,” I hissed, “while you ‘round here waiting on everyone else. And it ain’t fair. You got no right…” Cassie shows extreme courage to stand up to a white person. She could’ve gotten in bad trouble for talking to Mr. Barnett the way she
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