Discrimination: Case Analysis: Roekmini's Politeness

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2. Roekmini’s politeness strategies. a. Negative politeness strategy 1. Question, Hedge This is the most frequent stategy used by Roekmini in this movie, its also picturize the charaacter of Roekmini who have big curiousity, easy to panic, but she is also smart and criical woman. Roekmini often used this strategy when she had a conversatin with Kartini or Kardinah, she often ask Kartini’s opinion about something, since she really respect Kartini as her older sister. 2. Be conventionally Indirect Roekmini use this strategy only once, Roekmini apply this strategy when she have conversation with Kartini as Kartini ask Kardinah and her to praise her a lot. Roekmini show his rejection by said that if she is forced to praise Kartini a lot, she will be tired. This strategy is used to show disaggrement with the hearer indirectly. b. Positive politeness strategy 1. Notice/attend to hearer wants Roekmini implemented this strategy twice, one of rhe example is when she nd Kardinah are arguing about marriage, both she and Kardinah really hate if the woman need to marry, and Roekmini notice/attend to Kardinah’s wants by saying that she is sure if woman no need to marry, Roekmini express if she agree with Kardinah. 2. Give gifts to H Roekmini also implimented this strategy only once, when she give a compliment to Kartini for her letter, Roekmini directly stated that Kartini’s letter is great. Roekmini expressed symphaty or compliment to Kartini to motivate Kartini to continue writting a

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