Discrimination Due To Gender Inequality Essay

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Discrimination due to Gender inequality-less opportunities for females

Around 46.9 percent of world’s population is female (World Bank data, 2015) and Pakistan is among those countries which have almost half of its population belonging to the female gender. Sadly, according to The Nation it was reported in 2016 that female literacy rate is 45 percent against male literacy rate of 69 percent. Very few families of a modern city like Lahore send their daughters to schools. Even if they are sent to schools very few are allowed to attend colleges and the number is almost halved if looking in universities. Not only this, but once they enter universities they are looked down by men who are dominant in our society (Naseem, S.M. Mirage of Education. Dawn. 2012). Most of the professors choose a class representative among boys as they
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Also, female students are not usually made the presidents of societies as many find it difficult to stay outside till late night and universities do not co-operate in this matter (Khan, Ibrahim. Education Reform: a student’s perspective. Tribune pk. 2012). Few seminars are held for women empowerment and they are not allowed to attend many kinds of events at universities. Not only do the female students face such problems but also the female faculty members go through this. The heads of departments are usually selected from male faculty and they often have higher salaries than female faculty members. The female faculty is invited to a limited number of conferences and meetings which continuously promotes gender inequality in our institutions. In many universities of Lahore, the female students have often reported about the cases of harassment. In severe cases they are even tortured as their gender is considered to be weaker than that of

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