Discrimination Exposed In James Baldwin's Notes Of Native Son

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ENGL 101-31 Notes of Native Son (Essay 1) “Notes of Native Son” by James Baldwin deals with hatred relationship between him and his father. As Baldwin grows older, he experiences racism by white oppression. Baldwin and his Negro race were discriminated against in many aspects of their lives. Reading “Notes of Native Son,” from the introduction to the conclusion, the point he was trying to make is how hating one race for so long can destroy a person like it destroyed his father. Baldwin uses his father as an example of effect discrimination can have. He wishes he could discuss his own problems with his father He says, “When he was dead I realized that I hardly ever spoken to him. When he was dead a long time I began to wish I had.” He uses this theme as a way to discuss racial issues. James Baldwin and his family had no income coming to the household which created tension in the family. When James Baldwin told his mother that a white school teacher would be coming in their house, his father was very upset about it. The father asked, “What interest she could possibly have in our house, in a boy like me.” He told his father it has to do something with education. James Baldwin father had a bad experience with whites, the father did not want his son to go through life like he
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Baldwin explains his central claim when he talks about the white schoolteacher, restaurant, and the riots in Harlem. Baldwin still did not understand the concept of his father frustration on white people, but he notices hating another person or ethnicity will only destroy him. Baldwin last point is accepting another of different races should be equal and justice for all. If the society does not accept one another our world is doomed. Thus, today in society there will always be discrimination which is why race defines a person’s
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