Women Discrimination In Accounting

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List of scholars
Stephen P. Walker (Prof). This scholar serves as Professor of Accounting at Cardiff Business School and also served as Head of Accounting and Finance. He has written an interesting article on women discrimination issues in the field of accounting titled ‘Accounting Histories of Women: Beyond Recovery?’ His general research areas include social studies of accounting and accountability, history of accounting and calculative practices, gender studies and the accounting profession.
Simeon O. Okpechi. (Dr.).This scholar serves as a professor in Business Administration in the Southern University of New Orleans. He has written an article related to the topic of interest by the title ‘Ladies Accountants in Practicing Accounting Companies:
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The materials are in form of articles and presentations based on specific topics. The topics I will focus on include unequal pay, termination from work, diminished responsibilities and sexual harassment.
Unequal pay: Elizabeth Gammie has written articles and made presentations that touch on this topic. Her article ‘Women of ICAS Reaching the Top: The Demise of the Glass Ceiling’ talks of the way women in the accounting field are discriminated against and a good sign is the way they are denied equal pay as compared to the male counterparts. The unequal pay of women is a pure form of discrimination.
A presentation titled ‘In Tech Field, Women Struggle for Equal Pay’ by CBS Chicago supports the claims that women are underpaid in technical professions such as accounting. The fact that women are not treated as equals despite the fact that they work as hard as women is a form of discrimination in
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These women are given roles up to a certain level and from there they do not get promotions anymore. The ‘glass ceiling’ concept explained in the article describes a conceptual ceiling where women do not advance past a certain position in the firms. They are frustrated to the point that many decide to quit due to the limitation imposed on their personal growth. A presentation by Cindy Gallop on the reasons advertising agencies give to women when they fail to hire them shows that women are undermined in the society. They are not given a chance to work in distinguished roles in the firms where they work or where they aspire to work despite their
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