Discrimination In America

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Discrimination has always been a part of the Americas past. I chose this subject, because I think it is a very interesting subject, and because it is still a major issue in America. I have also seen this movie called the butler, which is about the same topic, and after I saw it, I just wanted to learn more about it. Everything is about race, skin-color and religion, but the racism has only gotten better with time. There are still discrimination in America, and I never think it will stop, but hopefully the black people someday will be equal to everybody else.

It all started with the slavery back in 17th century. It was back then, the first black slaves came to America. They lived under some very bad conditions, and they were
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The public segregation does no longer exist, but there are still many people, which are racist. There has been great progress in America, many black people have gotten an influence in politics, and today they even got a black president. I think many of the black people, who suffered under the racial segregation, never thought they were going to witness a black president. Barack Obama is a great proof that anything is possible if you fight for it, but not everything is great yet. For example if you take a prison in America, and look at its inmates, most of them is black. I think that it has something to do with their skin color that they are in there. But hopefully that will change in the…show more content…
America will in the future, be a multiracial society and blacks will be equal to whites. More black people will get important positons in different industries, and there will be less unemployed blacks. But there will always be racists. Some people will always see things the old-fashioned way. For example when there were election for the president, some stats showed that racial hatred were a big reason people opposed Barack Obama. I really do not think it has an impact on the future. If you take the holocaust as an example, there are still Nazis, but they do not have the power to hurt the Jews anymore. That is how I think it will be in the future with the blacks. They will be equal with everybody else, but there will always be racists in
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