Discrimination In American Culture

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Reluctance to advance alongside our newly found diverse society has had a negative impact on foreign citizens, who try to adapt to the American Culture. By changing their language and appearance, which has resulted in feelings of embarrassment amongst citizens who seek but are denied acceptance in the United States. It has commonly been known throughout the United States that African Americans, Indians, Hispanics, and Chinese have been legally discriminated against. Most people lose sight of the problematic effects that contributes to their mentality. In addition, to the negative social environment they are surrounded with, they have to deal with the difficulties of overcoming the negativity in their mind. Therefore, discrimination should not be permitted and American citizens should be encouraged to stand against it, to create a peaceful society.
The problem with mistreating immigrants does not only affect them, but it affects the people around them. Which leads the people they have influenced to pass the same negative mentality down to people they encounter. This creates a cycle of self negligence due to their ethnicity. In “From Hunger of Memory” Richard Rodriguez a child of Mexican immigrant parents recalls when his mother told him angrily, “ You look like a negrito… with los gringos looks are all the way they judge on” (941). As a result Rodriguez attempts to deny his skin tone at the cost of losing his self identity. Similar to Richard’s experience in “How to Tame A
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