Discrimination In Argentina Essay

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It is said in “Argentina Geography”, Argentina’s land flourishes with rainforests along Brazil, swampy choco plains, grasslands of the central pampas, plateau of Patagonia that goes to Tierra del Fuego. In addition, Argentina has a population of 41.41 million and is ranked the 8th largest country in the world, which is stated in “Argentina Culture and Traditions” and The World Bank. Some examples of languages spoken in Argentina would be Spanish, Italian, German, English and French according to “Language in Argentina”. In “Argentina Religion”, it is stated that the main religion which is practiced throughout Argentina would be Roman Catholic. However, behind Argentina’s beauty there is a dangerous environment for women, filled with restrictions…show more content…
It has been shown in the article, ARGENTINA: The Gender Roots of Labour Inequality, that “Women are much less likely to join the labour market, and even when they are able to find work, their opportunities are more limited because their insertion occurs through jobs in informal and low productivity sectors.” What this means is that even though women have the ability to look for work, they are still extremely limited and are given less chances in the workforce. In the same article it was shown that, “The access and pay gaps reveal that women earn 30 percent less than men in the same kind of job and for the same kind of tasks.” This explains how in the workforce there is inequality in Argentina, even if both genders are given the same work. Another example that was shown is that “The UNDP official noted that women bear a double burden, as ‘society expects them to take on the responsibility of caring (for children, the sick and the elderly) and keeping house,’ without being paid for it.” Social stereotypes play a role in women’s oppression as it can affect how they are treated and can have the government get away with not helping them. In The World Bank, the evidence shows that the gross domestic product of Argentina would be 14,715.18 U.S dollars. Overall, this is the result of women’s restrictions economically, but there is still discrimination for women in
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