Discrimination In Canada

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In present day canada, many foreigners come from far and wide, whilst leaving their families behind in hopes of a better life for them and their children to come. Believing Canada is a land of opportunity, however was Canada always considered “the highway to a better life”?In the late 18 hundreds, Canada did not provide equal opportunities for all.People of different races, genders, and classes faced mass extents of discrimination. People with money were people with power, in repercussion for the industrialization of the late 18 century and the invention of the steam engine, the poor got poorer and and the rich richer, whilst creating a considerable wage gap. Finally the Canadian government treated people that were not of their ideal image…show more content…
When Chinese workers came to help in the building of the “Canadian Pacific railroad", they were forced to leave their families and entire lives behind, in hopes of starting a new one after constructions were complete. The Chinese Labour workers were forced to complete many intense Labour filled jobs, such as working with explosives. The Caucasian workers made 2.50 for every 1.50 a Chinese Labour worker made , with having all their meals and tents paid for. After the completion of the railroad the Canadian government, did not want to take in the families of the Chinese,railway workers. Therefore they forced all new immigrants to pay a few before entering the country , to discourage all new immigrants.This few was of a 40 dollar entrance fee, which was created because the Canadian government wanted a predominantly white country. Immigration sign that were posted in different countries depicting canada glory eso way, were all printed in English to attract the Caucasian white demographic. Finally females did not have equal opportunities to jobs , they were portrayed as sex objects and mothers. The women of that time were not allowed to work ,and were reduced to house work and child care , as the husband of the house would make the money

That is why canada was not a land of the free during the 18 hundreds , because there were made extents of discrimination against people of different races, classes, and genders, the money was controlled by the upper class, and the government did not treat people who were the ideal citizens with equal rights. Even though canada was not the best place to live during the late 18 hundreds, much has changed. Canada is taking steps in bettering itself ,and truly does bribe in equality for all ( was one of the first countries legalize gay
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