Essay On College Admission Discrimination

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Topic: College Admission Discrimination When applying to college, many questions have to be answered. Some ask for achievements and involvements whereas others ask for more personal information such as race and gender. Today, the court system sees many cases regarding acts of discrimination in the college application process. Obviously, some discrimination does exist whether it happens consciously or unconsciously. Discrimination or suspected discrimination can elicit anger or frustration; however, many people may not know the forms it can take and the reasons it happens. Racism and sexism are common forms of discrimination, yet colleges may hold prejudice in many aspects. In addition, discrimination could be the result of a lingering fear of a court case regarding discriminatory actions and prejudices. Therefore, evidence shows that discrimination takes on many forms and is the result of several different causes.
Affirmative Action is a major concept in the college application process, yet it may not be entirely understood. President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 on March 6, 1961, allowing for employers and admission officers to “take affirmative
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Despite racial and gender discrimination being the most common forms of discrimination, discrimination against religion and denominations and type of schooling also exist and are equally damaging. In addition, the causes of discrimination also vary. While some causes are immoral, others are bred from acts to avoid the anger of being discriminatory. Therefore, college admission discrimination is not what it seems. People must take care to not breed discriminatory actions by blindly fighting against it. Quotas and statistics may lay a foundation to ensure no discrimination exists, they can also pave the way to creating more discrimination and prejudice. Evidently, discrimination can be rather ironic in its
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