Discrimination In Dark Girls

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“Colorism is defined as a prejudice or discrimination based on the relative lightness or darkness of the skin, generally a phenomenon occurring within one’s won ethnic group”, this is how color bias is defined in the 2011 documentary Dark Girls. Dark Girls documentary also raises the issues related to the discrimination based on the skin color particularly the black skin and especially African American black women who has to face the discrimination of being black skinned not only outside but within their own community. The documentary unravels the color bias not only in the united states but around the world. Dark Girls has seven divisions namely history, impact, family, men on women,…show more content…
Blacks were not considered as people in the eyes of law, neighbours in the country and in the world. During this time many historians says that within the black community there was a new breed of children of different skin color either through birth or rapes by white slave owners, sometimes more than sixty four numbers of color distinctions, hair shades, facial features on the basis of which they were allocated the status in the society. Paper bag test method was practiced to attribute the person with a certain level of beauty, that means if a person (particularly a woman) is lighter than the paper bag shade then she is beautiful, smart and credible, shades below brown paper bag were considered ugly. Experts says that colonization has bring about change in people’s mind physically and culturally, since the white colonizers preached their supremacy over the ones they ruled, their physical
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