Discrimination In 'Funny In Farsi' By Kate White

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Oregon governor Kate Brown once said, “No individual, regardless of where they live or whom they love, should suffer discrimination”. Discrimination is very common in societies everywhere and is unanimously agreed on as a major problem .The most critical issue across cultures today is discrimination because it causes segregation and lack of acceptance of one's culture . One main effect of discrimination is segregation of different cultures. In “By any other name” the teacher “made me and the other indians sit in the back of the room with a desk between each one… because indians cheat”. The teacher discriminating the students causes segregation between the white and indian students. Although one may say that Indian children get caught more frequently,…show more content…
In “An Indian father's plea”, the child is embarrassed about his indian culture, and as a result, his father notices. The child now “refuses to sing his native songs”. The other childrens discrimination at school causes the child to not accept his own culture either. This turns the young, innocent child against his own culture which is unacceptable, but sadly a problem in today’s culture. In “Funny in Farsi” the child has to be escorted around by her mom which to her, “was enough to make me pretend not to know her”. Just because she looked different, or had a different culture than everyone else, she pretended not to know her own mother. The other children giving them looks in the halls and saying rude things about them completely embarrassed her and turned her against her culture. Both of these sadly common examples demonstrate how discrimination can cause one to turn against their own culture. In cultures today, discrimination is among the most critical issues, because it causes segregation and lack of acceptance of one's culture. Discrimination of any type should never be allowed and is never right. It can cause a lot of damage and can permanently alter a person's
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