Essay On Discrimination In Health Care

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Discrimination is a social view used to categorize the differences among different population groups based on perception. People can become a victim of prejudice attacks based on their ethnicity, race, and gender. Racism is the common form of discrimination, where certain groups within a target population are devalued. Minority groups are the victim of racism, where they are seen to have inferior social status based on one’s beliefs. Because of racism, people of color and people living in underserved communities do not receive quality resources and fair rights. In the sense of medical care, discrimination against minorities leads to health disparities and medical malpractices. Health industries are not enforcing the CLAS services, which are …show more content…

In lecture, Dr. Calman mentioned how the need for medical care and the prescription of drugs were delayed for those that were people of color and for those that did not have health insurance (Calman, 2018). In 2011, there were more people in minority groups that were uninsured compared to their white counterparts. The white population had 13% of people uninsured while each minority group had a range from 15% to 32% of their population uninsured (Calman, 2018). Without health insurance, minorities cannot afford medical attention and receive medical attention in a timely manner. Those with private insurance receive special care such as having access to a private doctor, or having an experienced physician to check on them. People who are uninsured or have Medicaid will be checked by physicians in training and may not receive the medical care that they expect to receive (Calman, 2018). An example of discrimination that Dr. Calman had been exposed to was a C-section involving a minority woman. Babies are to be delivered within 3 minutes during a C-section, but doctors delivered the baby in 7 minutes (Calman, 2018). Delivering the baby in 7 minutes is dangerous because drugs must be used to induce the mother, which can affect the baby. Through his research and exposure of medical care throughout his residency, Dr. Calman saw low standards of medical attention to minority groups and those without private insurance as a result of discrimination in the health care

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