Discrimination In Industrial Society

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A society always has issues, even in an industrial society. An industrial society is focused on mass production using technology and it favors urbanization. This type of society can increase a divide between the rich and the poor. It favors the rich and causes them to become wealthier, it causes the poor to stay poor and have little opportunity to become more wealthy, on top of that, they also have terrible living conditions. An industrial society furthermore encourages racism towards immigrants, because of job availability and alienation from each other. In addition, there’s nothing to help and protect the environment. In order to properly manage this type of society, progressivism and unions are a solution. The unions would manage this progression, making sure that the way the workers are being treated is fair. This way of managing an industrial society would make sure it’s focused mainly on the working people and protecting them, helping everyone in it grow. Progressivism would push for change and have a society driven by the working people, solving the problems of racism and class separation by fixing the environments we live in. It would solve the class separation by encouraging the middle class, which has a tendency to be small in an industrial society.On top of that, the principle of progressivism is that all of society’s problems would be solved, if everyone had a safe environment and a good education. The Hull- House was a place where immigrants could find

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