Discrimination In Liliana Heker's The Stolen Party

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Discrimination Discrimination occurs daily and it affects many people. Rosaura is the main character in the story “The Stolen Party” and she goes through her own journey of discrimination. In “the stolen party” Liliana Heker uses dialogue to convey a theme that people discriminate others based on their social class. To begin with Rosaura is not in a high social class. Her mother is a maid and works for higher class people. Rosaura gets invited to her friend Luciana s birthday party. Rosaura’s mom works for Luciana’s parents. Rosaura’s mother does not want her to go because “that one’s not your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter. That’s that.” (Heker1)Rosaura’s mother in a way already puts discrimination between rich…show more content…
Rosaura was used as a “helper” throughout the entire party. She would take out the hotdogs for everyone to eat, carried a jug of orange juice to the dining table, and even helped out the magician with his magic trick. Rosaura is being used as a maid of some sort throughout the party, but she thinks she is just being nice and helping out. As the party ends, Rosaura’s mother comes to pick her up. Rosaura is waiting for her gift bag that every guest is receiving. She thinks she’s going to get a yoyo or a bracelet, but she receives something else. She goes up to get her gift from Senor Ines and “‘in her hand appeared two bills. You really and truly earned this. Thank you for all your help my pet.”(Heker5) Rosaura was invited to this birthday party to serve the Lopez 2 party. Rosaura’s mother knew all along that Rosaura wasn’t invited just because she and Luciana were “friends” she knew that Rosaura was invited for another reason. Rosaura was used as a maid, but she did not know that until now. Rosaura is being discriminated because she is from the lower class and is used as a maid for the birthday party and Luciana is from a higher class and she uses Rosaura. Throughout the story Liliana Heker uses dialogue to reveal that people can be discriminated based off of their social class. In conclusion society has manipulated people to think certain things like some social classes are better than

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